November 2022


ARRI Alexa 35 Camera
The ALEXA 35 introduces ARRI’s first Super35 4K sensor. The camera is equipped with a new body style, excellent high speed capabilities, and ARRI’s Texture functionality which acts as a digital film stock offering filmmakers an added layer of visual customization for their project. The camera shoots both ARRIRAW and ProRes.
RED DSMC3 V-Raptor XL 8K VV Camera
The RED V-Raptor XL body has integrated power outputs, additional SDI outputs, dedicated timecode, genlock and control ports, as well as a shimmable PL Mount.  With 17+ stops of dynamic range, and a maximum frame rate in 8K 17:9 of 120FPS, the V-Raptor XL also features an all-new, built-in electronic ND system which allows cinematographers to precisely select their density in ¼, 1/3, and full stop increments for no-compromise exposure management.
35-70mm T3.2 P+S Technik Technovision Zoom
The 35-70mm Technovision Anamorphic Zoom exhibits great contrast and vibrant colors. It's 1.5x squeeze results in a less oval bokeh than a normal 2x anamorphic, but still produces dramatic anamorphic flares with horizontal flare characteristics. The lens is also compact relative to other anamorphic zoom lenses.
Kowa FF Primes
Manufactured as still lenses in the 1960’s and 70’s, TLS has rehoused these Kowa’s with new 16 blade irises and modern housings. The lenses are clean and perform well across the entire stop range without being overly sharp. Flares are full bodied and beautiful in nature and the lenses exhibit a smooth yet defined bokeh. The lenses perform well on all full frame cameras.
Cooke S8/i Primes

Cooke’s S8/i primes are faster, lighter, and smaller than previous full frame Cooke lenses. They exhibit Cooke’s pleasing warmth and creative Cooke Look. Each lens features uniform high quality Cooke design and utilizes Cooke’s i/Data for intelligent metadata capture.

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