• Century S 2000 MK II Periscope T4.0

    Century S 2000 MK II Periscope T4.0

    While ideal for tabletop and miniature work, the Century S2000 Mark II periscope can achieve a wide variety of unique perspectives in hard to reach places. The relay systems ultra low dispersion glass and fast T4 stop will maintain the excellent image quality of the wide variety of lenses that can be used. The system is available in 90 degree and strait view probe configurations and focus and iris controls are on the main body.

  • Clairmont Baby Periscope

    Clairmont Baby Periscope

    The compact Baby Periscope was designed to be much shorter than the Century 2000 Periscope so that it can get into places that were not previously possible. Like its counterpart it was designed to allow the user to extend the lens away from the camera to get viewpoints that could not otherwise be accomplished. It can be configured with a straight relay as well as with a right angle attachment.

  • Innovision Probe II Plus T6.3

     Innovision Probe II Plus T6.3

    The Innovision Probe II Plus is a faster, T6.3, optically improved follow up to their original probe system. It’s very small diameter makes the Probe II Plus well suited for tabletop and miniature work and offers a number of lenses plus a 90-degree relay.

  • Laowa Probe

    Laowa Probe Laowa Probe
  • Optex Excellence Probe T5.6

    Optex Excellence Probe T5.6

    The Optex Excellence is one of the best probe systems made. Optically sharp and fast enough for shooting in less than ideal lighting environments, the Optex uses its own unique lenses to create beautiful images.

  • Revolution Lens System T7.5

    Revolution Lens System T7.5 Revolution Lens System T7.5

    The Revolution is a unique snorkel lens designed to allow live panning of the taking lens while maintaining a level horizon. The system can also rotate the image 360 degrees while shooting. This tool opens up many creative opportunities. Standard PL Mount lenses can be mounted to the Revolution. The system also has its own specialty mini lenses for tight shooting environments. The entire system is geared for use with motorized follow focus systems. 

  • SKATER Scope Snorkel Lens System

    The P+S Skater Scope T5.6 is a compact periscope that allows straight borescope and multi angle periscope cinematography without the need to swap components. In addition, the 360 degree image rotating prism offers additional perspective creativity. The rear macro focus function will extend any lenses’ close focus into macro. The system is compact enough to fit into many tight situations, yet extends the taking lens far enough to eliminate camera lighting shadow. NOTE: This system CANNOT be live panned during a shot and maintain a level horizon.

  • T-Rex Lens System

    T-Rex Lens System T-Rex Lens System

    The P+S T-Rex Periscope Relay System is about the most versatile self contained unit available. At T7.1, the unit allows you to pan left and right while maintaining a level horizon without the use of external motors. The multi-angle orientable taking lens module allows the cinematographer to capture almost any unusual perspective. The 360 degree image rotating prism adds even more creative possibilities. In addition, use of the proprietary lenses gives you built in zoom capability from 5.5mm fisheye to 112mm depending upon the lens used. Also, the straight borescope module can be installed in place of the swivel module, increasing the system speed to T5.6.