Image Shaker

Keslow Camera's collection of Clairmont specialty items also includes the unique Image Shaker, which was designed to provide safe camera shaking effects in a quiet, space-saving package. The Clairmont Image Shaker accomplishes this by eliminating the need to move the entire camera system. Instead, the device utilizes modern computer controlled actuators and captive custom formulated optical materials to move the image in front of the lens. With the advanced micro controller, the operator can control the horizontal and vertical motion. You can independently adjust both X and Y axes to create such effects as a bouncing off-road vehicle or an earthquake. You can manually adjust moderate side to side motion, vigorous up and down shaking, or go all out in any direction based on whatever the shot requires! A remote start/stop cable is also included, which can be used to simulate a quick, jarring shake caused by an explosion.

The Clairmont Camera Image Shaker provides instant in-camera results, on the set, right away. There is no need to rely on unrealistic post production effects. Since the system is stationary, it also allows the operator to view the image through the eyepiece while it is shaking. The unit is compact and weighs only 9 pounds. It mounts on 15mm Arriflex rods in front of the lens and can accept a 6x6 matte box in front of the shaker. It covers prime focal length lenses from 18mm to 180mm. The Image Shaker provides a great amount of shaking without damaging the camera or lens, and is quiet enough to be compatible with sound and MOS cameras.