• Angenieux Zooms

    The 25-250mm HR and HP Angenieux Lenses were industry standard workhorses for decades. Still in use because of their lower contrast warm vintage appeal, the HR and HP zooms are a great option for taking the edge off of modern digital cinema sensors.

    Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
    25-250mm (HR) T3.5 5'7" 136mm 10.5
    25-250mm (HP) T3.9 6' 10.3"-11" 6.5
    25-250mm (HP) Uncoated T3.9 6' 10.3"-11" 6.5
  • Canon K-35 Primes (TLS Conversion)

    TLSCanonK35Set v2
    Canon’s original cinema lenses from the 1970’s, the K-35s were heavily based on the Canon FD still photography lenses. Featuring the same warm tones and smoothness as the FDs, with a new iris blade design and aspheric optics, along with a new Super Spectral Coating which produces pleasing bokeh flaring. These lenses were so popular during the 70’s that they won Canon an Academy Award for optical design in 1977. (Note: Only the 24mm - 85mm are compatible for full frame cinematography)
    The TLS Conversion corrects the mechanical shortcomings of the 50-year-old lenses and features uniform focus and iris gears, as well as modern cinema housings with internal focusing mechanisms. The TLS K-35s are a perfect modern reimagining of a true classic.
    Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
    18mm T1.5 1' 110mm 3.8
    24mm T1.6 1' 110mm 2.8
    35mm T1.3 1' 110mm 3.7
    55mm T1.4 22" 110mm 2.5
    85mm T1.4 2'9" 110mm 3.3
  • Canon K-35 Zooms

    Introduced by Canon to serve as a complimentary zoom to their K-35 Primes, the 25-120mm K-35 zoom features the same warm image and pleasing bokeh as its prime cousins. It also features a macro toggle that allows the lens to function as a macro lens.

    Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
    25-120mm T2.8 4' (13" w/ Macro) 136mm 11.5
  • Cooke Zooms

    Cooke made an array of different zoom lenses during the 20th century. Each zoom offers the classic warm Cooke Look their lenses are known for, without being overly sharp or high contrast like modern zoom lenses.


    Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
    18-100mm Varotal T3.0 2' 4" 150mm 13.8
    20-100mm Varotal T3.1 2' 4" 144mm 11
    20-60mm Varopanchro T3.1 2' 4" 121mm 6
    25-250mm Cine Varotal T3.9 5' 6" 136mm 10.8
    25-250mm Cinetal T3.7 5' 6" 150mm 15.5