• Boxing Rig

  • Camera Shaker

  • Clairmont Anamorphics

    Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
    32mm T2.3/22 2'6" 130mm 5 lbs
    40mm T2.3/22 3' 80mm 3 lbs
    50mm T2.3/22 3' 80mm 3 lbs
    75mm T2.8/22 3' 80mm 4 lbs
    100mm T3.4/22 5' 80mm 4.5 lbs
  • Clairmont Baby Periscope

    The compact Clairmont Baby Periscope was designed to be much shorter than the Century 2000 Periscope, and therefore, it can get into places that were not previously possible. Like its counterpart, it was designed to allow the user to extend the lens away from the camera to get viewpoints that could not otherwise be accomplished. It can be configured with a straight relay as well as with a right angle attachment.

    At a right angle it is possible to achieve shots that are actually above, below, to the right or to the left side of the camera. It contains integrated focus and iris gears for use with follow focus systems and iris control systems. Its linear iris markings make it perfect for using with automatic iris systems. The iris "T" stop range is T5.6 - T32. Setting the iris is simple. You set the lens itself to wide open and make the iris setting directly on the Clairmont Camera Baby Periscope iris ring. No matter which configuration you use, there will be no light loss. Simply set your marks just as your light meter indicates. Easy! The Clairmont Baby Periscope holds two 40.5 filters. The Clairmont Baby Periscope measures 8 inches from the camera mount to the bottom of the prism housing and weighs 4.5 pounds.

    Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
    T5.6 4.50 lbs
  • Clairmont Telephoto

    Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
    1000mm T4.5/22 60' 216mm 50 lbs
  • Clairmont Vintage Portrait

    Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
    100mm "Wray Lustrar" London 1870 T9.2 .50 lbs
    145mm "Darlot" Paris 1870 T4 1 lbs
    165mm "Darlot" Paris 1870 T4.7 1 lbs
  • Clairmont Zoom

  • Crazy Horse Rig

  • Distortion Lenses

    Distortion Lenses Distortion Lenses Distortion Lenses Distortion Lenses Distortion Lenses
  • Image Shaker

    Keslow Camera's collection of Clairmont specialty items also includes the unique Image Shaker, which was designed to provide safe camera shaking effects in a quiet, space-saving package. The Clairmont Image Shaker accomplishes this by eliminating the need to move the entire camera system. Instead, the device utilizes modern computer controlled actuators and captive custom formulated optical materials to move the image in front of the lens. With the advanced micro controller, the operator can control the horizontal and vertical motion. You can independently adjust both X and Y axes to create such effects as a bouncing off-road vehicle or an earthquake. You can manually adjust moderate side to side motion, vigorous up and down shaking, or go all out in any direction based on whatever the shot requires! A remote start/stop cable is also included, which can be used to simulate a quick, jarring shake caused by an explosion.

    The Clairmont Camera Image Shaker provides instant in-camera results, on the set, right away. There is no need to rely on unrealistic post production effects. Since the system is stationary, it also allows the operator to view the image through the eyepiece while it is shaking. The unit is compact and weighs only 9 pounds. It mounts on 15mm Arriflex rods in front of the lens and can accept a 6x6 matte box in front of the shaker. It covers prime focal length lenses from 18mm to 180mm. The Image Shaker provides a great amount of shaking without damaging the camera or lens, and is quiet enough to be compatible with sound and MOS cameras.

  • In-Camera Filter Kit

    Available for the Alexas, including the Mini
    Available for the Sony F55

  • Partial Mirrors

    Small Partial Mirror 8"h x 12"w
    Pivtos horizontally & vertically
    Includes 2 50:50 & 1 80:20 Mirror

    Innerspace Partial Mirror 14"h x 18"w
    Pivots on vertical axis
    Includes 2 50:50 & 1 80:20 Mirror

    Hideaway Partial Mirror 16"h x 18"w
    Fixed on Horizontal Axis
    Includes 2 50:50 and diffusion filters

    Critters Partial Mirror 17"w x 24"w
    Pivots on Horizontal Axis
    Includes 2 50:50 & 1 80:20 Mirror

    *Optional Dual Camera Plate

  • Peephole Lens

    Peephole Lens Peephole Lens
  • Rifle Scope

    Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
    12" 4 lbs
  • Squishy Lens

    The innovative Squishy Lens has been designed to generate unique "distortion" effects that could only be achieved through use of a flexible lens element. The Clairmont Squishy Lens achieves this by using a remote-controlled device that compresses the specially formulated flexible supplemental element (generating over 200 pounds of force) to achieve the infinitely adjustable effects.

    As the forward plate compresses the squishy element, it creates an area where light rays entering the taking lens, are undisturbed, while the area around the "clear zone" is curved, defocusing the entering rays. The director or cinematographer can give life to his/her vision via the joystick. From an actress's point of view, she can be made to look manic, a monster can have a point of view of the world unlike any we have ever seen, or a car can be given the illusion of increased speed. Computer controlled actuators accept input from the 3 axis joystick translating the coordinates into motor commands, which in turn, squeeze the squishy element. As the squishy element is compressed more, the "clear zone" increases in diameter, allowing more rays to reach the film undisturbed, creating a variable tunnel effect. The location of the "clear zone" can also be changed via the joystick. The Clairmont Squishy Lens gives immediate effects that can be viewed on the set now! No waiting for dailies to see if the effect works!

    The unit is compact, weighing 15 pound. It mounts on 15mm matte box rods in front of 16mm through 65mm prime lenses. It will accept 138mm or 4x5.65 filters in the back. The squishy lens is also very quiet.

  • Swing & Tilt

    Swing & Tilt Swing & Tilt Swing & Tilt Swing & Tilt
    Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
    14mm Century (Canon) T2.8/22 85mm 1.50 lbs
    18mm Nikkor T3.8/22 93mm 1.50 lbs
    20mm Nikkor T2.8/22 93mm 1.50 lbs
    20mm Century T2.8/22 85mm 1.50 lbs
    24mm Olympus T3.8/22 84mm 1.50 lbs
    28mm Pentax T3.8/22 84mm 2 lbs
    35mm Canon T3.2/22 84mm 1.50 lbs
    50mm Zeiss T4/32 84mm 2 lbs
    60mm Zeiss T3.5/22 84mm 2 lbs
    80mm Zeiss T2.8/22 84mm 1.50 lbs
    105mm Century T2.4/16 85mm 1.50 lbs
    110mm Zeiss T2.4/22 84mm 2 lbs
    120mm Zeiss Macro T4/32 84mm 5 lbs
    135mm Zeiss Macro T5.6/45 84mm 5 lbs
    150mm Zeiss T2.8/16 84mm 2 lbs