Sony Venice 2

The Sony Venice 2 introduces a 8.6K Full Frame sensor with dual 800 and 3200 base ISO modes. It features the same built-in full spectrum ND filters as the original Venice. The R7 Raw Recorder is now built into the body of the camera, foregoing the use of SxS cards and proxy recording for the more robust X-OCN raw codec. The first generation 6K sensor module from the Venice is compatible with the Venice 2 as well.


Sensor Size: Large Format – 35.9mm x 24.1mm

Maximum Resolution: 8.6K

Sensor Frame Rates with 8.6K Module: 1-90 FPS (30 FPS @ 8.6K Full Frame)

Sensor Frame Rates with 6K Module: 1-120 FPS (60 FPS @ 6K Full Frame)

Weight: 9.25 lbs (Body Only)