Keslow 80mm Nano Rain Deflector

The Keslow Nano Rain Deflector is the answer for filmmakers who want the same functionality and performance as a full-size rain deflector, but in a much smaller size.

Great for car scenes and traveling shots, the unit is smaller, quieter, and more efficient than competitive units. A compact size, ideal for multi-camera 360 camera arrays.

Key info:

- The unit easily withs fits with 80mm front diameter lenses, including ZEISS Super Speeds & Standard Speeds, and 95mm front diameter lenses such as Leitz Cine lenses and most ARRI / ZEISS Ultra Primes and ZEISS Master Anamorphics.

- Can be powered directly off the power outputs of the camera via a 24 volt  power system and only draws 1.5 amps

- The system is capable of controlling up to 5 units 

- Eliminates rain on lenses via the centrifugal movement with an optically clear glass filter spinning at 6,500 RPM

- Pre-programmed ramp up allows for lower current draw

- Low noise: 80 dB