Sony FX9 Camera Body


Sony’s FX9 is a camcorder sized full frame cinema camera. Featuring Sony’s E-Mount it can easily be adapted to most lens mount types for maximum versatility. It’s Exmor R sensor offers 15+ stops of dynamic range and a dual ISO mode for both 800 ISO and 4000 ISO base shooting. The body is uniquely designed for run and gun style shooting and features a variety of built in ND’s and production functionality such as onboard audio management. The Sony FX9 integrates well into the entire cine line of Sony Cameras, from the Venice all the way to the FX3.


Sensor Size: Full Frame - 35.7mm x 18.8mm

Maximum Resolution: 4K

Sensor Frame Rates: 1-120 FPS 4K / 1-180 FPS 1080P

Weight: 4.41 lbs (Body Only)