Our knowledgeable staff of creative professionals work hands-on with those in the field to provide the best service and ensure superior product quality. We take pride in the experience our clients have from the moment they walk through the doors of Keslow Camera to the last day of shooting.

We're not just renting camera equipment, we're providing a lifestyle that caters to our clients.

Being the best camera house means having the best clients; and having the best clients comes from providing the best service. Keslow Camera prides itself in having the cleanest, newest and best equipment on the market. We go above and beyond to ensure your shoot has the proper equipment, calibrated for your project and style.

At Keslow Camera we foster the POSITIVE outlook of a united group of individuals who exhibit championship level TEAMWORK. We take amazing PRIDE in the work we do, as we STRIVE to push the limits of possibilities.

We are determined to bring good people together to create a harmonious, productive and cohesive atmosphere. You will quickly realize that at Keslow Camera, you are part of an open-minded team and are encouraged to contribute innovative ideas. 







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