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The V-Raptor XL expands on the V-Raptor platform by introducing a body engineered specifically for large production environments. It features the new V-Raptor 8K VV large format sensor, boasting 17+ stops of dynamic range and a maximum frame rate in 8K 17:9 of 120FPS. The XL body features integrated power outputs, additional SDI outputs, dedicated timecode, genlock, and control ports, and a shimmable PL Mount. Features an all-new, built-in electronic ND system which allows cinematographers to precisely select their density in ΒΌ, 1/3, and full stop increments for no-compromise exposure management.


Sensor Size: VV - 40.96 x 21.60mm

Maximum Resolution: 8K

Sensor Frame Rates: 1-480 FPS (120 FPS @ 8K 17:9)

Weight: 7.99 lbs (Body Only)