• August 2021


    Angenieux Optimo Primes
    A new focal length has been added to strengthen the set.

    Angenieux's new Optimo Primes offer filmmakers small lightweight full frame cinema primes made specifically to match Angenieux's line of cinema zooms. The Optimo Primes feature a unique design that allows the iris assembly, an internal glass element, and a rear filter that can be swapped out, providing filmmakers with a versatile tool for creating dynamic images. The lenses are fast ranging from T1.8 for most focal lengths to T2 and T2.2 for the 18mm and 200mm respectively. Each lens features Cooke i/Data and ARRI LDS for lens metadata capture.
    Caldwell Chameleon Anamorphic Full Frame Primes
    The Caldwell Chameleon Anamorphic prime lenses offer a retro anamorphic look with modern mechanics. The entire 1.79x squeeze set, 48mm, 60mm, 75mm, 90mm, 112mm, & 150mm will cover full frame sensors and offer the traditional optical aberrations and flare characteristics unique to front anamorphic lenses. The Chameleon Primes employ a Stokes focus system that creates a fairly unique focusing experience compared to many other anamorphic primes. The aesthetic result is the compression of the subject in the vertical plane only. This creates an artistic “attention pull” without creating a “zoom” effect as well. Also, this system helps maintain a constant anamorphic compression across the entire field of view. This more uniform compression helps reduce the “mumps syndrome” that occurs in many other anamorphic lens designs.  The complete set can also be converted to Super 35 coverage for cinematographers hoping to capture more edge aberration and optical character on smaller formats. 
    Leitz Cine Zooms 25-75mm 
    Leitz Cine Zooms 55-125mm

    The Leitz Cine Zoom set consists of the 25-75mm and 55-125mm. Both zooms are a fast T2.8 and designed to cover full frame formats. They are color matched with the Leitz Primes and feature no light loss over the entire zoom range when zooming. They exhibit exceptionally low distortion, minimal breathing, and no visible chromatic aberration.

    Tribe7 Blackwing7 20.7mm Prime
    Tribe7 has expanded the set of Blackwing7 lenses with the 20.7mm. This new focal length widens the set while providing the same vintage look that makes the rest of the set so popular. Manufactured in all three tunings, the 20.7mm is a perfect compliment to the rest of the Blackwing7 set.
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  • February 2021


    Fujinon Premista Zoom 19-45mm
    Fujinon's Premista lightweight and compact full frame zoom lenses are designed to cover the newest large format digital cameras. They offer prime lens caliber optical quality and low distortion with minimal color aberrations and pleasant bokeh with excellent color rendition. These lenses feature ZEISS eXtended Data systems for delivering lens metadata to the camera. The Premista 19-45mm rounds out the set which includes the 28-100mm and 80-250mm.
    Angenieux Optimo Primes

    The Angenieux Optimo Primes were created to seamlessly match the Angenieux Optimo line of cinema zooms. Designed in collaboration with Keslow’s technical team, these unique and purpose built modular lenses offer the cinematographer a vast array of creative choices. They’re lightweight and feature a switchable iris, optical element, and rear filter for maximum creative control. Optically they’re clean and sharp with pleasant bokeh, skin tone warmth, and smooth focus roll off.

    MasterBuilt Primes - Classic

    The MasterBuilt Prime lenses work well with all full frame camera systems. They perform with excellent center sharpness and a gradual smoothness at the edges that produce a moderate Petzval-esque out of focus image. Their flares are unique due to a special polishing process, setting them apart from other modern cinema lenses.

    MasterBuilt Primes - Soft Flare
    The MasterBuilt Soft Flares offer a softer edged lower contrast look compared to the MasterBuilt Classics, giving them a more vintage feeling for large format cinematography. The Soft Flares still feature the same special polishing process that gives these lenses their unique flares.
    MasterBuilt Zoom - 25-125mm T2.8
    The MasterBuilt Zoom lens was designed to pair seamlessly with the MasterBuilt Classic Primes. Featuring the same soft edge, similar contrast, and a similar polishing process, the MasterBuilt Zoom exhibit the same vintage-like flares and characteristics as their prime cousins.
    Sigma Classic Primes
    Sigma created the Classic Primes to further accentuate the flares of their original prime set by making changes to their coatings. These compact, high speed primes are sharp, neutral in temperature while being lower contrast than the originals and feature Sigma’s quality cinema housings.
    ZEISS Contax Primes 
     The Contax/ZEISS Primes are 1980’s vintage still lenses rehoused into a modern housing by GL Optics. Optically they’re fairly sharp and slightly lower contrast when compared to similar vintage still lenses, and look similar in character to the ZEISS Super Speeds. All of the lenses have consistent focus and iris gear positions. 

    Available in Canada only at this time.
    Leitz Primes
    The Leitz Primes are Leitz’ top-end, full frame cinema lens. They feature Leitz industry leading mechanical and optical design, with a fast T-stop of 1.8 across the entire range of lenses. The lenses feature minimal breathing, extremely low distortion, and almost no chromatic aberration.
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