• Xelmus Apollo Anamorphic Primes

    Xelmus Anamorphics are 2x full frame anamorphic lenses designed in Ukraine. They exhibit some characteristics similar to vintage anamorphics such as Todd-AO or Cineovision, but with more sharpness, less focus fall off, and a more modern mechanical design. Their flares are a cool temperature with fractal diffraction spikes and vertical and horizontal elements. They render an almost watercolor like background when defocused, and produce attractive oval bokeh. Please note that the 32mm does not color full frame, and is Super35 only. The rest of the set is fully compatible in 2.39 on full frame sensors.

    Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
    32mm T2 15" 114mm 3.92 lbs
    40mm T2 15" 114mm 3.88 lbs
    50mm T1.7 16" 104mm 3.94 lbs
    60mm T1.7 16.5" 104mm 3.96 lbs
    75mm T2 21" 104mm 4.32 lbs
    100mm T2.3 17.5" 104mm 4.56 lbs
    135mm T2.8 29.5" 104mm 5.48 lbs
  • LOMO Vintage Primes

    Similar to the Standard Speed LOMO primes, the Vintage Primes were produced in the 1950’s. The LOMO Vintage Primes image is vintage and smooth, but still sharp where it matters. They’re lower contrast than modern lenses, and produce a beautiful creamy image when flared. These are also faster than the regular Standard Speed LOMO’s, with an average t-stop of T2.1.

    Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
    22mm T2.9 8" 95mm .8 lbs
    28mm T2.1 9" 95mm 1.6 lbs
    35mm T2.1 9" 95mm 1.37 lbs
    50mm T2.1 1'3" 95mm 1.6 lbs
    75mm T2.1 2' 95mm 2.22 lbs
    100mm T2.1 2'10" 95mm 3.27 lbs
  • Minolta Rokkor Primes

    Minolta Rokkor Prime Set Minolta Rokkor Side Minolta Rokkor 21mm Minolta Rokkor 24mm Minolta Rokkor 28mm Minolta Rokkor 35mm Minolta Rokkor 45mm Minolta Rokkor 85mm Minolta Rokkor 100mm Minolta Rokkor 135mm Minolta Rokkor 200mm

    Minolta Rokkor Primes were originally released in the 1960’s and 70’s as still photography lenses. The lenses render color in warm contrast with sharp detail reproduction and decent flare control. These models have been rehoused by GL Optics and feature uniform 0.8 pitch gears and 110mm front diameters.

    Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
    17mm T4.1 11" 110mm 1.82 lbs
    21mm T2.9 11" 110mm 2.53 lbs
    24mm T2.9 13" 110mm 2.2 lbs
    28mm T2.1 13" 110mm 2.53 lbs
    35mm T1.9 9" 110mm 2.97 lbs
    45mm T1.9 18" 110mm 2.31 lbs
    50mm T1.3 17" 110mm 2.53 lbs
    85mm T1.8 2' 6" 110mm 2.97 lbs
    100mm T2.1 3' 3" 110mm 2.97 lbs
    135mm T2.1 4' 9" 110mm 3.74 lbs
    200mm T2.9 5' 3" 110mm 4.51 lbs
  • Laowa Proteus Silver & Amber Anamorphic Lenses

    60single v2 Foilage 60singleglass Whitebox v2

    The Proteus Silver & Amber Anamorphics are a modern Super35 2x anamorphic lens set introduced by Laowa. They offer a sharp and clean image with pleasing skin tone reproduction and minimal optical aberration, all in a robust modern package. Each lens is tuned to a specific colored flare, with the Silver flare model offering a neutral white flare that captures the color of whatever light is producing the flare within the lens and the Amber flare model offering a warmer flare that adjusts the light to the color of the amber coating. (Silver Lenses Pictured)

    Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
    35mm T2 1.8' 114mm 5.29 lbs
    45mm T2 1.8' 114mm 5.29 lbs
    60mm T2 2.3' 114mm 5.07 lbs
    85mm T2 2.7' 114mm 6.5 lbs
  • Ethereal Lens System

    The Ethereal Lens System was designed to create unique optical effects similar to a tilt shift lens. The system includes three lens focal lengths and can produce a variety of tilt shift effects.

    Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
    Main System N/A N/A N/A .44 lbs
    40mm T4 8.5" N/A 1 lbs
    50mm T2.8 10" N/A .88 lbs
    75mm T2.8 14" N/A .44 lbs
  • ZEISS Super Speed Primes - Uncoated (TLS Conversion)

    whitebox background v2 65 singlepopek Lifestyle

    The uncoated version of the ZEISS Super Speed offers the same unique look of the Super Speed, but with reduced coatings for more intense flaring and a lower contrast look.

    Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
    18mm T1.3 10" 80mm 2.8 lbs
    25mm T1.3 10" 80mm 2 lbs
    35mm T1.3 1' 3" 80mm 1.8 lbs
    50mm T1.3 2' 6" 80mm 1.8 lbs
    65mm T1.3 2' 6" 80mm 2.2 lbs
    85mm T1.3 3' 80mm 2.2 lbs
  • NEO-AO Anamorphic Primes

    NEO AO

    The NEO-AO Anamorphics were designed to emulate vintage anamorphics from the mid-20th century, such as the TODD-AO and Cineovision anamorphics. They use a combination of Cooke Speed Panchro and Canon FD spherical groups married to an anamorphic optic to create their unique look. Each lens is mechanically robust, with uniform gear spacing and bullet proof construction.

    Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
    32mm T2.2 3' 136mm 6 lbs
    40mm T2.2 2' 6" 114mm 6 lbs
    50mm T2.1 2' 114mm 5 lbs
    60mm T1.6 2' 114mm 5 lbs
    75mm T2.1 2' 114mm 5.5 lbs
    85mm T2 2' 114mm 6 lbs
    100mm T2.5 2' 9" 114mm 6.5 lbs
    127mm T3.1 3' 114mm 6.5 lbs
  • LOMO Standard Speed Spherical Primes

    The Standard Speed LOMO primes were produced in the 1950’s and exhibit unique vintage characteristics. Known for their softer lower contrast image, the LOMO sphericals produce a beautiful dreamy vintage image that is unique among vintage primes from the era. The lenses are mechanically vintage as well, with telescoping focus groups.

    Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
    18mm T 3 20" 85mm 1.5 lbs
    22mm T2.3 20" 85mm 2 lbs
    28mm T2.3 20" 85mm 1.5 lbs
    35mm T2.3 20" 85mm 1.5 lbs
    50mm T2.3 24" 85mm 1.5 lbs
    75mm T2.3 39" 85mm 1.5 lbs
    100mm 3T 49" 85mm 1.5 lbs
    150mm T3.2 79" 85mm 2.5 lbs
    200mm T2.9 79" 97mm 4 lbs
    300mm T3.5 118" 110mm 7 lbs
  • Leitz HUGO Primes

    Image 20230526 121101 076 Image 20230526 121059 901 Image 20230526 121059 216

    The Leitz HUGO primes are an officially rehoused variant of the Leica M 0.8 Prime lenses. They feature the same optical characteristics as the M 0.8’s, including excellent image quality with enough imperfections to be aesthetically pleasing. They reproduce skin tones and render highlights beautifully, while exhibiting an attractive amount of edge falloff. The housings are of modern Leitz quality, with uniform focus and iris gears and an LPL mount. The set also includes an additional 50mm focal length Noctilux model with a faster T1 stop for super low light cinematography.

    Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
    18mm T1.5 9" 95mm 1.04 lbs
    21mm T1.5 1' 95mm 1.87 lbs
    24mm T1.5 1' 95mm 1.9 lbs
    28mm T1.5 1' 2" 95mm 1.8 lbs
    35mm T1.5 1' 2" 95mm 1.8 lbs
    50mm T1.5 1' 8" 95mm 1.85 lbs
    50mm-N T1 1' 8" 95mm 2.55 lbs
    75mm T1.5 2' 6" 95mm 3.09 lbs
    90mm T1.5 2' 10" 95mm 3.02 lbs
  • Gecko-Cam Genesis G65 ‘66 Primes

    The Genesis G65 ‘66 Primes are larger format cousins to the G35 Vintage ‘66 Primes, able to cover sensors as large as the ALEXA 65 sensor. They’re a modern lens featuring state of the art German mechanical design with vintage aesthetics. They render pleasing skin tones, a sharp clean bokeh, and vintage inspired flares while still being optically sharp and flat. All lenses feature uniform gear positioning and robust housing design.
    Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
    24mm T2.8 17" 95mm 3lbs
    32mm T2.3 17" 95mm 3lbs
    40mm T2.3 17" 95mm 3lbs
    50mm T2.3 2' 7" 95mm 3lbs
    60mm T2.3 2' 3" 95mm 3lbs
    80mm T2.3 2' 9" 95mm 3lbs
    110mm T2.3 3' 10" 95mm 4.5lbs
    145mm T2.3 6' 2" 95mm 5.5lbs
  • Tokina Vista ONE Primes

    Tokina’s Vista One primes are sharp, full frame prime lenses that feature a single coating design to maximize creative potential without sacrificing image quality. They have attractive flares and decent contrast with minimal chromatic aberration. Their rounded iris design produces beautiful bubbly bokeh and their fast T1.5 stop makes them excellent for low-light situations. They feature uniform mechanical design and gearing positions, making them ideal for professional use.
    Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
    18mm T1.5 17.7" 114mm 6.19 lbs
    25mm T1.5 13.8" 114mm 5.11 lbs
    35mm T1.5 16" 114mm 4.59 lbs
    50mm T1.5 19" 114mm 4.94 lbs
    85mm T1.5 37.5" 114mm 5.05 lbs
    105mm T1.5 3' 9" 114mm 5.93 lbs
    135mm T1.5 4' 7" 114mm 6.88 lbs
  • Tokina AT-X Macro

    The AT-X Macro is a full frame macro prime from Tokina designed to capture ultra high quality close up images in a cinema package. With excellent optical design, the AT-X Macro is able to capture macro images at a distance of 11.8 inches and features minimal breathing and beautiful bokeh due a 9-blade iris design. Lens construction is high quality, with a de-clicked iris and all-metal cinema style housing and 0.8 pitch gearing.
    Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
    100mm T2.9 11.8" 85mm 2.9 lbs
  • P+S Technik Technovision 35-70mm FF Anamorphic Zoom

    35 70mm PS Tech Lifestyle v4 DSC02459 v7

    The Technovision Classic 35-70mm is one of the early full frame anamorphic lenses made by P+S Technik. Featuring a squeeze of 1.5x, the zoom covers large format sensors well. It exhibits unique anamorphic bokeh and horizontal flaring, with pleasing edge fall off and exaggerated character. It feels almost vintage, while still being fairly sharp and modern in its design.


    Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
    35-70mm T3.2 6' 114mm 6.8 lbs
  • Cineovision Anamorphic Primes

    Cineovision Set Cineovision Side 35mm Cineovision 50mm Cineovision 85mm Cineovision

    Dating back to the 1970’s, Cineovision Anamorphics are vintage lenses with more character than many lenses of the era. They render warm pleasing skin tones with unique anamorphic bokeh. They defocus in a painterly manner and produce star-like horizontal anamorphic flares. Cineovisions err on the softer side and feature a sharper center with more fall off on the edges than modern anamorphic lenses.

    Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
    35mm T1.4 3' 130mm 7.1 lbs
    50mm T1.4 3' 95mm 5.5 lbs
    85mm T1.4 3' 9" 103mm 6.6 lbs
  • Sony FX9 Camera Body


    Sony’s FX9 is a camcorder sized full frame cinema camera. Featuring Sony’s E-Mount it can easily be adapted to most lens mount types for maximum versatility. It’s Exmor R sensor offers 15+ stops of dynamic range and a dual ISO mode for both 800 ISO and 4000 ISO base shooting. The body is uniquely designed for run and gun style shooting and features a variety of built in ND’s and production functionality such as onboard audio management. The Sony FX9 integrates well into the entire cine line of Sony Cameras, from the Venice all the way to the FX3.


    Sensor Size: Full Frame - 35.7mm x 18.8mm

    Maximum Resolution: 4K

    Sensor Frame Rates: 1-120 FPS 4K / 1-180 FPS 1080P

    Weight: 4.41 lbs (Body Only)

  • Cooke Varotal FF Zooms

    Q1I1664 Q1I1658 Q1I1650 Q1I1675 Q1I1684 Q1I1653

    Cooke designed the Varotal/i full frame zooms to match well with their S7/i and S8/i full frame primes. All zooms in the Varotal/i series exhibit the traditional “Cooke Look” with pleasing warmth and excellent skin tone. Each lens in the set covers full frame and features Cooke’s /i data protocol for intelligent lens communication.

    Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
    19-40mm T29 2' 114mm 7.7 lbs
    30-90mm T2.9 2' 8" 114mm 8.8 lbs
    85-215mm T2.9 5' 114mm 8.8 lbs
  • Leica R - Zero Optik Primes

    IMG 9474 1

    The vintage Leica R lenses have been rehoused by Zero Optik to improve housing mechanics and provide a robust design for cinema use. They still exhibit the same optical sharpness, pleasing bokeh, and smooth fall-off present in their non-rehoused cousins.

    Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
    19mm T3 1' 95mm 2 lbs
    24mm T3 1' 95mm 1.5 lbs
    28mm T3.1 1' 95mm 2 lbs
    35mm T1.6 1' 8" 95mm 2.5 lbs
    50mm T1.5 1' 95mm 2.5 lbs
    60mm Macro T2.9 10.5" 95mm 2.5 lbs
    80mm T1.6 1' 8" 95mm 2.5 lbs
    90mm T2.1 2' 95mm 2.5 lbs
    100mm Macro T2.9 17" 95mm 3 lbs
    135mm T2.9 2' 11" 95mm 3 lbs
  • Cooke FF Macro Primes

    60mm Cooke S7 Macro 2 60mm Cooke S7 Macro Cooke FF Macros

    The Cooke FF Macros were designed to integrate seamlessly into the Cooke S7 & S8 sets. These macros are sharp and color matched to the rest of the S7/S8's and provide optimal performance for spherical full frame macro cinematography.

    Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
    60mm Macro T2.5 2.2" 87mm 4.9 lbs
    90mm Macro T2.5 4.5" 87mm 5.5 lbs
    150mm Macro T2.5 6.8" 87mm 6.6 lbs
  • Cooke S8/i Primes

    Cooke S8 Set 25mm Cooke S8 25mm Cooke S8 2 32mm Cooke S8 40mm Cooke S8 50mm Cooke S8 75mm Cooke S8 100mm Cooke S8 135mm Cooke S8

    Cooke’s S8/i primes are faster, lighter, and smaller than previous full frame Cooke lenses. They exhibit Cooke’s pleasing warmth and creative Cooke Look. Each lens features uniform high quality Cooke design and utilizes Cooke’s i/Data for intelligent metadata capture.

    *60, 90, and 150mm Macros can be added to the set by request. 

    Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
    25mm T1.4 1' 10" 104mm 5.45 lbs
    32mm T1.4 2' 3" 104mm 5.36 lbs
    40mm T1.4 2' 3" 104mm 5.22 lbs
    50mm T1.4 2' 3" 104mm 4.76 lbs
    75mm T1.4 2' 9" 104mm 5.47 lbs
    100mm T1.4 2' 9" 104mm 5.40 lbs
    135mm T1.4 4' 104mm 7.14 lbs
  • Keslow Renaissance Zoom

    Keslow Renaissance Zoom 1v2 Keslow Renaissance Zoom 2v2 Renaissance Zoom Lifestyle 2v3

    The 27-128mm Keslow Renaissance Zoom T3.6 is an enhanced 17-80mm Angenieux Optimo. Using the Optimo as a base lens, our Lens Team modified it to increase various characteristics sought after by cinematographers, such as increased edge falloff and slightly lowered contrast, with a beautiful painterly bokeh. The zoom has been expanded to cover modern, full-frame camera sensors.

    Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
    27-128mm T3.6 2' 3" 136mm 13.5 lbs
  • Gecko-Cam Genesis G35 Vintage '66 Primes

    Gecko Genesis G35 Prime Set v3 Gecko Genesi G35 Prime Side Gecko Genesis G35 Prime 16mm Gecko Genesis G35 Prime 20mm Gecko Genesis G35 Prime 85mm Gecko Genesis G35 Prime 135mm Gecko Genesis G35 Primes Lifestyle

    The Genesis Vintage ‘66 Primes are a modern lens featuring state of the art German mechanical design with vintage aesthetics. They render pleasing skin tones, a sharp clean bokeh, and vintage inspired flares while still being optically sharp and flat. All the lenses are quite compact in size and feature a uniform design.

    Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
    14.5mm T3 11" 114mm 2.5 lbs
    16mm T2.4 11" 95mm 2.5 lbs
    20mm T1.8 8" 95mm 2.5 lbs
    25mm T1.4 10" 95mm 2.5 lbs
    35mm T1.4 12" 95mm 3.5 lbs
    50mm T1.4 17" 95mm 2.5 lbs
    85mm T1.4 3' 8" 95mm 2.65 lbs
    100mm Macro T2.9 T2.9 12" 95mm
    135mm T2 2' 6" 95mm 3.5 lbs
  • Bright Tangerine Prodigy Air Deflector

    Prodigy Air Deflector Prodigy Air Deflector 3 Prodigy Air Deflector 2 Prodigy Air Deflector v2

    The Bright Tangerine Prodigy is a new take on spray deflection. The Prodigy uses a high powered air deflection system to remove liquid and other debris from the front of the lens. It clamps onto the front of the lens and features two 4x5 filter trays as well as an expandable Reveal third stage slot. Perfect for achieving a clear shot in any condition.

  • Kowa FF Primes

    Kowa FF 1 Kowa FF 2

    Manufactured as still lenses in the 1960’s and 70’s, TLS has rehoused these Kowa’s with new 16 blade irises and modern housings. The lenses are clean and perform well across the entire stop range without being overly sharp. Flares are full bodied and beautiful in nature and the lenses exhibit a smooth yet defined bokeh. The lenses perform well on all full frame cameras.

    Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
    19mm T4 12" 110mm 2.25 lbs
    28mm T3.6 9" 110mm 2.06 lbs
    35mm T2.9 11" 110mm 2.02 lbs
    50mm T1.9 16" 110mm 2 lbs
    85mm T2.9 2' 3" 110mm 2.68 lbs
    100mm T3.6 3' 110mm 2.78 lbs
    135mm T3.9 3' 9" 110mm 3.12 lbs
  • Olympus - Zero Optik Primes

    Olympus Zero Optiz Prime Set Olympus Zero Optix Prime Profile 21mm Olympus Zero Optix Prime 24mm Olympus Zero Optix Prime 28mm Olympus Zero Optix Prime 35mm Olympus Zero Optix Prime 40mm Olympus Zero Optix Prime 50mm Olympus Zero Optix Prime 85mm Olympus Zero Optix Prime

    The Zero Optik Olympus Primes are a set of rehoused still photography lenses from the 1970’s. Unique among photo lenses for their combination of compact size, uniform T2.2 apertures, and consistent performance. They produce sharp images with warm smooth flares, without being too sterile.

    Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
    21mm T2.2 8" 95mm 1.34 lbs
    24mm T2.2 10" 95mm 1.63 lbs
    28mm T2.2 1' 95mm 1.57 lbs
    35mm T2.2 9" 95mm 1.43 lbs
    40mm T2.2 11" 95mm 1.34 lbs
    50mm T1.3 11" 95mm 1.8 lbs
    60mm T1.7 1' 2" 95mm 1.76 lbs
    85mm T2.2 2' 11" 95mm 2.07 lbs
    100mm T2.1 2' 4" 95mm 2.53 lbs
    135mm T2.9 2' 11" 95mm 2.25 lbs
    180mm T2.9 4' 10" 95mm 3.66 lbs
  • Nikon - Zero Optik Primes

    Nikkor Zero Optix Primes Set Nikkor Zero Optix Primes Profile 20mm Nikkor Zero Optix Primes 24mm Nikkor Zero Optix Primes 28mm Nikkor Zero Optix Primes 35mm Nikkor Zero Optix Primes 58mm Nikkor Zero Optix Primes 85mm Nikkor Zero Optix Primes 135mm Nikkor Zero Optix Primes

    These Zero Optik Nikon Primes are based on vintage full frame Nikon still photography lenses, but have been rehoused with cinema style gearing on the iris and focus for use on todays modern film sets.

    Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
    15mm T4.0 1' 114mm 2.5 lbs
    20mm T3.0 10" 114mm 2.5 lbs
    24mm T2.2 1' 95mm 1.5 lbs
    28mm T2.2 1' 95mm 1.7 lbs
    35mm T1.5 1' 95mm 1.9 lbs
    45mm T2.8 1' 3" 95mm 1.3 lbs
    55mm T1.3 1' 95mm 2 lbs
    58mm T1.3 1' 1" 95mm 2.1 lbs
    85mm T1.5 2' 10" 95mm 2.4 lbs
    85mm T1.9 1' 10" 95mm 2.5 lbs
    105mm T1.9 2' 6" 95mm 2.3 lbs
    135mm T2.1 4' 95mm 2.8 lbs