Keslow Camera is committed to minimizing our environmental footprint in the cities where we do business. In our push towards being as carbon-neutral as we can, we're implementing actionable solutions in all our offices, such as:

  • a rigorous recycling plan  
  • re-using our packing & shipping materials  
  • purchasing environmentally-safe office supplies  
  • and more
Keslow Camera Culver City office is now equipped with solar panels! 

The 372 bi-facial panels are estimated to offset 95% of the building's electricity consumption and 439,000 lbs of CO2. The reflective Silicone roof coating is expected to further reduce air conditioning load and heat islanding. 

As we work to offset our ecological impact, Keslow Camera's Green Team actively educates our staff in the hopes of inspiring them to implement changes in their own lives. We understand that even small things can make a big difference, and we are committed to doing our part to help the environment.

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