June 2022


Sony VENICE 2 8K Camera
The brand new Sony VENICE 2 introduces an 8.6K Full Frame sensor with dual 800 and 3200 base ISO modes. It features the same built-in, full spectrum ND filters as the original VENICE. Cinematographers can also unlock the incredible creative possibilities of 16-bit X-OCN recording internally now, without the need for the R7 external recorder. The first generation 6K sensor module from the VENICE is compatible with the new VENICE 2 as well.
65-300mm Signature Zoom
45-135mm Signature Zoom
ARRI designed the Signature Zooms to perfectly match the Signature Prime set of lenses. Built with LPL mounts for optimal full frame performance, the 16-32mm T2.8, 45-135mm T2.8, and 65-300mm T2.8 zooms are both fast and well-balanced for their size. They feature the same pleasing bokeh, smooth focus, and the warm cinematic tone of the prime lens set.
Olympus - Zero Optik Prime Set
The Zero Optik Olympus Primes are a set of rehoused still photography lenses from the 1970’s. Unique among photo lenses for their combination of compact size, uniform T2.2 apertures, and consistent performance. They produce sharp images with warm smooth flares, without being too sterile. 
37-102mm Angenieux Ultra Optimo Compact Zoom

The 37-102mm Angenieux Ultra Lightweight Zoom features Angenieux's pleasing warmth, rendering appealing skin tones and a smooth focus roll off, while maintaining sharpness and even contrast throughout the focal range with minimal breathing. It's a perfect complimentary lens to the Angenieux 36-435mm Ultra 12:1 or the Angenieux Primes.

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