March 2023



27-128mm Keslow Renaissance Zoom T3.6

The 27-128mm Keslow Renaissance Zoom T3.6 is an enhanced 17-80mm Angenieux Optimo. Using the Optimo as a base lens, our Lens Team modified it to increase various characteristics sought after by cinematographers, such as increased edge falloff and slightly lowered contrast, with a beautiful painterly bokeh. The zoom has been expanded to cover modern, full-frame camera sensors.



Sony Venice Rialto 2

The Sony Venice Rialto 2 was designed with the 8K Sensor Block from the Venice 2 in mind. There are two models available, one with a 9.8 foot cable cable and one with a 39 foot cable. The Rialto 2 is compatible with both the Venice 1 and Venice 2 as well as both the 8K and 6K Sensor modules. All recording functionality is retained when in Rialto mode. The new extension module is perfect for unique rigging situations.


Genesis G35 Vintage ‘66 FF Primes

The Genesis Vintage ‘66 Primes are a modern lens featuring state of the art German mechanical design with vintage aesthetics. They render pleasing skin tones, a sharp clean bokeh, and vintage inspired flares while still being optically sharp and flat. All the lenses are quite compact in size and feature a uniform design.


Cooke Full Frame Macro Primes

The Cooke FF Macros were designed to integrate seamlessly into the Cooke S7 & S8 sets. These macros are sharp and color matched to the rest of the S7/S8's and provide optimal performance for spherical full frame macro cinematography.


MasterBuilt SuperWide LF Prime

The MasterBuilt SuperWide is a single 14.5mm full frame prime lens manufactured for use with the entire MasterBuilt range of lenses. The prime has a superwide angle of view, with a fairly sharp and even field, slight distortion, and a pleasing multi chromatic flare. Featuring a fast T1.9 stop and full frame coverage, it’s the perfect wide lens for use alongside any MasterBuilt lens.


Bright Tangerine Prodigy Air Deflector Compressor

The Bright Tangerine Prodigy is a new take on spray deflection. The Prodigy uses a high powered air deflection system to remove liquid and other debris from the front of the lens. It clamps onto the front of the lens and features two 4x5 filter trays as well as an expandable Reveal third stage slot. Perfect for achieving a clear shot in any condition.


Keslow Interface Sync System (KISS Box)

Keslow Camera is keeping up with the new wave of technologies! We have designed and built in-house the Keslow Interface Sync System (KISS Box). This allows production to use a sync sound film camera against the Live Volume Wall using a Genlock signal to drive ArriCam LT and ArriCam ST cameras. It is compatible with environments of not only 24 frames per second, but other popular sync sound frame rates such as 23.976 up to 30 fps. Built into a digital world, the KISS Box will allow you to use the Genlock signal to drive the cameras. Capturing your shots just got a whole lot easier.

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