Nikkor Telephotos

NIKKOR T2 200MM 1 NIKKOR T2 200MM 2 v3 NIKKOR 400MM 1 NIKKOR 400MM 2 v2 NIKKOR 600MM 1

Nikkor telephoto lenses have become a staple in the film business due to their unique nature and wide range of available focal lengths. These lenses have had their old Nikon based mounts replaced with ARRI’s PL mount for cinema use, and many have had their housings modified with gears for use with motors or follow focuses.

Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
200mm T2.0 9' 136mm 6.6
200mm T4 9' 136mm 6.6
200mm Macro T4 5' 52mm 2
300mm T2 13' 194mm 17.3
400mm T2.8 15' 175mm 12
600mm T4 25' 185mm 14.4
800mm T5.6 25' 175mm 13.7