Leitz Telephoto Lens System

The Leitz APO-Telyt-R Telephoto Lens Module System allows the user to change between multiple focal lengths using front and rear modules without the need for multiple individual large lenses. The system is corrected for chromatic and spherical aberration using apochromatic lens elements and features a rear filter insert for Series 6 filters to be used.

Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
280mm f/2.8 6’ Lens Hood Built-in 8.25
400mm f/2.8 12’ 2” Detachable Lens Hood 13.76
400mm f/4.0 7’ 1” Lens Hood Built-in 8.51
560mm f/4.0 12’ 11” Detachable Lens Hood 14.02
560mm f/5.6 7’ 1” Lens Hood Built-in 8.93
800mm f/5.6 12’ 10” Detachable Lens Hood 14.44