Century Swing Shift Bellows System

Century Swing Shift System v2

Century Optics take on the Swing Shift Bellows System, it works the same as other bellows systems by racking a lens on a frame to create unique focus effects on the edge of the frame. This system is based on the original CCI Swing Shift Bellows System.

Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
14mm T2.8 6" 90mm 1 lbs
18mm T2.8 5" 93.5mm 0.8 lbs
20mm T2.8 6" 85mm 0.8 lbs
24mm T4 6.5" 85mm 1 lbs
35mm T2.8 6.5" 85mm 0.8 lbs
45mm T2.8 9" 85mm 1 lbs
55mm T2.8 10" 85mm 1 lbs
75mm T2.8 15" 85mm 0.87 lbs
90mm T2.8 14" 85mm 0.8 lbs
105mm T2.4 2' 85mm 1 lbs
135mm T5.6 2' 6" 85mm 1.62 lbs
150mm T2.8 2' 9" 85mm 1.43 lbs