ARRI Macro

ARRI Macro Set v2

The ARRI Macro set was co-designed by ARRI and Zeiss in a collaboration that strived to make a modern, sharp, clean macro lens. Each lens in the set offers superb optical performance, and the longer focal lengths will even cover larger sensors.

Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
16mm T2.1 (+2/3 at Close Focus) 6" 80mm 2.5 lbs
24mm T2.1 (+2/3 at Close Focus 7" 80mm 1.8 lbs
32mm T2.1 (+2/3 at Close Focus 9" 80mm 1.6 lbs
40mm T2.1 (+2/3 at Close Focus) 10" 80mm 1.6 lbs
50mm T3 (T5.6 at Close Focus) 8" 80mm 3 lbs
100mm T3 (T5.6 at Close Focus) 1' 2" 80mm 3.5 lbs
200mm T4.3 (T8 at Close Focus) 1' 11" 80mm 4 lbs