• Artemis Prime Director’s Viewfinder - Digital

    The Artemis Prime Director’s Viewfinder utilizes a special optical relay attached to the back of a 10.5” iPad Pro that allows PL or LPL Mounted lenses to be mounted to the iPads camera and pass images directly into the iPad. This allows unique functionality not available on optical viewfinders, such as storyboarding, frameline creation, and custom formats for both Full Frame or Super 35 lenses.

  • IB/E Smart Director’s Viewfinder - Digital

    IB/E designed the Smartfinder to offer filmmakers a compact versatile digital director’s viewfinder. Utilizing an iPhone Plus, the Smartfinder accepts PL mount lenses and can generate custom framelines and formats for both Full Frame or Super 35 lenses.

  • Lindsey Optics Director’s Viewfinder - Optical

    The Lindsey Optics Full Frame Optical Viewfinder provides optical through the lens viewing for an unprecedented range of formats from Super-35 to Red Monstro and ARRI Alexa 65.

    At the heart of the LF Viewfinder design are interchangeable modules for quick and easy tool-free format changes. With a push of the red button, each module slips in and out of the LF body and securely nests in place. Included in the LF package are 3 modules: Full Frame (ARRI Alexa 65 and RED Monstro 8K), Full Frame (Sony Venice) and Super 35.

    The LF Viewfinder features an LPL lens mount and includes an LPL to PL adapter. The Eyepiece provides diopter adjustment from -4 to +4. There are 1/4-20-attachment points at the base of the viewfinder, base of the handle extension and Oak handle base.

    The LF is designed for intuitive and comfortable balance regardless of changing loads. The contoured oak Handle offers a firm and comfortable grip while the Handle Pivot knob activates rosette adjustment. When needed, the included Handle Extension with dovetail slide facilitates center of gravity refinement. An adjustable Kipp arm secures the Handle Extension to the Viewfinder.

  • Optica Magnus Director’s Viewfinder - Optical

    The Optica Magnus Director’s Viewfinder accepts PL and LPL Mount lenses and works with Spherical lenses. It also allows for spherical or 1.8-2x anamorphic desqueeze. An internal ground glass allows the user to add framelines to the viewfinder that meet the specifications of their project.

  • Sigma Director’s Viewfinder - Digital

    Sigma designed the FP camera with an optional feature that adds an electronic viewfinder to the camera body and allows the camera to be used with PL Mount lenses via an adapter. The camera then functionally operates as a digital director’s viewfinder that works with Full Frame or Super 35 lenses.