ZEISS Compact Zooms

ZeissCompactZoom70 200 ZEISS COMPACT ZOOM T2.9 15 30MM 2

ZEISS engineered their Compact Zooms as a large format zoom option to compliment the Compact Prime and Supreme Prime lenses. Available in 15-30mm T2.9, 28-80mm T2.9, and 70-200mm T2.9, these zooms are well suited for large format cinematography and come in lightweight compact housings making them easy to use in a variety of setups.

Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
15-30mm T2.9 1’10” 114mm 5.7
28-80mm T2.9 2’8” 95mm 5.5
70-200mm T2.9 5' 95mm 6.2