Cooke Varotal FF Zooms

Q1I1664 Q1I1658 Q1I1650 Q1I1675 Q1I1684 Q1I1653

Cooke designed the Varotal/i full frame zooms to match well with their S7/i and S8/i full frame primes. All zooms in the Varotal/i series exhibit the traditional “Cooke Look” with pleasing warmth and excellent skin tone. Each lens in the set covers full frame and features Cooke’s /i data protocol for intelligent lens communication.

Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
19-40mm T29 2' 114mm 7.7 lbs
30-90mm T2.9 2' 8" 114mm 8.8 lbs
85-215mm T2.9 5' 114mm 8.8 lbs