ARRI Signature Zooms

Signature Zoom 1 v2 Signature Zoom 4 v2 Signature Zoom 2 v3 Screen Shot 2022 06 14 at 12.31.12 PM 65 300mm Signature Zoom 1 v2 Signature 45 135mm Outside v2 Signature 45 135mm Outside Signature 65 300mm Outside

ARRI designed the Signature Zooms to perfectly match the Signature Prime set of lenses. Built with LPL mounts for optimal full frame performance, the 16-32mm T2.8, 45-135mm T2.8, and 65-300mm T2.8 zooms are both fast and well-balanced for their size. They feature the same pleasing bokeh, smooth focus, and the warm cinematic tone of the prime lens set.

Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
16-32mm T2.8 7.6" 156 mm 7
24-75mm T2.8 2'6" 114 mm 8.18
45-135mm T2.8 3'4" 114 mm 8.25
65-300mm T2.8 6' 156 mm 17.13