ZEISS Supreme Radiance Primes

Zeiss Supreme Radiance Prime Set v4

The Supreme Primes Radiance are a modification of the original Supreme Prime. They offer the same features as the original Supremes, but feature a different coating process which enhances and controls flares without loss of contrast or T-stop.

Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
18mm T1.5 14'' 114mm 5
21mm T1.5 14'' 95mm 3.3
25mm T1.5 10" 95mm 3.13
29mm T1.5 13" 95mm 3.55
35mm T1.5 13" 95mm 3.09
40mm T1.5 17" 95mm 3.28
50mm T1.5 18" 95mm 2.69
65mm T1.5 2' 95mm 3.59
85mm T1.5 2'9' 95mm 3.13
100mm T1.5 3'9" 95mm 3.74
135mm T1.5 4'6" 114mm 5