ZEISS Contax Primes

Based on 1980's still lenses, these rehoused Contax/Zeiss Primes do not have consistent maximum aperture’s across the range. Optically fairly sharp and slightly lower contrast when compared to similar vintage still lenses, and looks similar in character to the Zeiss Super Speed’s. 


Available to rental in Canada only.

Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
21mm T2.9 N/A 95mm N/A
28mm T2.1 N/A 95mm N/A
35mm T1.5 N/A 95mm N/A
50mm T1.5 N/A 95mm N/A
85mm T1.5 N/A 95mm N/A
100mm T2.1 N/A 95mm N/A
135mm T2.1 N/A 95mm N/A