Tribe7 Blackwing7 Primes

Designed through a collaboration between Bradford Young, ASC and Neil Fanthom, the Blackwing7's offer full frame/large format coverage and feature a robust design coupled with unique optical characteristics and customization options.  Three tuning options are available for the Blackwing7 lenses: A standard "S" tuning matching more traditional 20th century lenses. A medium "T" tuning providing a smoother image with slightly more flaring.  Finally there is an extreme "X" tuning option which offers a softer look with more extreme halation and aberration during flaring.

Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
27mm T1.9 13.5" 104mm 4.3
37mm T1.9 18.5" 104mm 4.1
47mm T1.9 18.5" 104mm 3.8
57mm T1.9 18" 104mm 3.8
77mm T1.9 2'2" 104mm 3.6
107mm T1.9 2'4" 104mm 3.6
137mm T1.9 3'1" 104mm 3.8