Tribe7 Blackwing7 Primes

Tribe7 Blackwing Set Silver Housing Tribe7 Blackwing Silver Housing 137mm Tribe7 Blackwing Silver Housing 107mm Tribe7 Blackwing Silver Housing 57mm Tribe7 Blackwing Silver Housing 47mm Tribe7 Blackwing Silver Housing 77mm Tribe7 Blackwing Silver Housing 37mm Tribe7 Blackwing Silver Housing 3 Tribe7 Blackwing Silver Housing 27mm Tribe7 Blackwing Silver Housing 20 Tribe7 Blackwing Silver Housing 2 Tribe7 Blackwing Solo 2 Tribe7 Blackwing 57mm Tribe7 Blackwing 137mm Tribe7 Blackwing 77mm Tribe7 Blackwing 107mm Tribe7 Blackwing 37mm Tribe7 Blackwing Solo Tribe7 Blackwing Set Tribe7 Blackwing 47mm

Designed through a collaboration between Bradford Young, ASC and Neil Fanthom, the Blackwing7's offer full frame/large format coverage and feature a robust design coupled with unique optical characteristics and customization options. Three standard production tuning options are available for the Blackwing7 lenses and feature black housings. 

  • The Skin conversion kit for the Blackwing7’s consists of new front and rear elements for the Blackwings which feature unique amber coatings. These converted lenses exhibit a warmer color tone and more accentuated flare that exhibits amber tones. *Available in 27, 37, 47, 57, 77, & 137mm focal lengths

  • The Straight "S" tuning matching more traditional 20th century lenses and exhibiting medium focus fall off. 


  • The Transient "T" tuning providing a smoother image with slightly more focus fall off and flaring. 


  • The extreme eXpressive "X" tuning option which offers a softer look with more extreme halation and aberration during flaring as well as the most focus fall off of the three tunings.


  • The XT Tuning (X-Tuned lenses with more subtle T-flare) are custom tuned lenses that are single coated (the same as with T and X lenses), with edge uncoated (X). They have the same sharpness, warmth, lifted shadows, and focus falloff that we have come to expect from the binaries, with more subtle flares. The lenticular, rainbow flare, is only present in extreme situations and it’s far more subtle and controlled compared to the binaries. Without the rainbow pupil flare, you can see the more subtle purple and blue ghost effects caused when flaring the Blackwings lovely single layer coatings. 


  • The "B" tuned Blackwings have the same multi-coated lens elements from the "S" tuned range, so they perform the same in terms of light management and flare control. "B" tuned lenses exhibit a green/blue ghost flare and the optics have the edge-uncoating from the "X" tuned range, so they are lower in contrast. These lenses have the same optical prescription as the "T" tuned lenses giving them similar characteristics when stopped down.


  • Prior to release of these production tunings Tribe7 produced the Binary Blackwings, which feature a silver housing and are similar in tuning to the "T" tuning production lenses. Tribe7 continues to work on additional tuning combinations that may become available in the future.


  •  T-Stops can vary from T1.8 to T2.0 based on the generation of the lens.


Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
20.7mm T1.9 7.5" 104mm 3.6 lbs
23.7mm T1.9 14" 104mm 3.3 lbs
27mm T1.9 13.5" 104mm 4.3 lbs
37mm T1.9 18.5" 104mm 4.1 lbs
47mm T1.9 18.5" 104mm 3.8 lbs
57mm T1.9 18" 104mm 3.8 lbs
77mm T1.9 2'2" 104mm 3.6 lbs
107mm T1.9 2'4" 104mm 3.6 lbs
137mm T1.9 3'1" 104mm 3.8 lbs