SIGMA FF Classic Primes

Sigma Classic Set Photo

SIGMA created the FF Classic Primes to further accentuate the flares of their original prime set by making changes to their coatings. These compact, high speed primes are sharp, neutral in temperature while being lower contrast than the originals and feature SIGMA’s quality cinema housings at a reasonable price.

Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
14mm T3.2 11″ 95mm 2.8 lbs
20mm T2.5 11″ 95mm 2.6 lbs
24mm T2.5 10″ 95mm 2.2 lbs
28mm T2.5 1' 95mm 2.75 lbs
35mm T2.5 1′ 95mm 2.2 lbs
40mm T2.5 1′4" 95mm 3.22 lbs
50mm T2.5 1′4″ 95mm 2.6 lbs
85mm T2.5 2'10" 95mm 3 lbs
105mm T2.5 3′4″ 95mm 3.72 lbs
135mm T3.2 2′11″ 95mm 3.1 lbs