Olympus - Zero Optik Primes

The Zero Optik Olympus Primes are a set of rehoused still photography lenses from the 1970’s. Unique among photo lenses for their combination of compact size, uniform T2.2 apertures, and consistent performance. They produce sharp images with warm smooth flares, without being too sterile.

Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
21mm T2.2 8" 95mm not listed
24mm T2.2 10" 95mm not listed
28mm T2.2 1' 95mm not listed
35mm T2.2 not listed 95mm not listed
40mm T2.2 not listed 95mm not listed
50mm T1.2 not listed 95mm not listed
85mm T2.2 2'6" 95mm not listed