MasterBuilt Classic Primes

Master Built Prime Classic

The MasterBuilt Prime lenses were designed to produce images with vintage style, offering gradual focus fall off with great center sharpness.  Large format compatible, the lenses offer ultra-fast T1.4 apertures with evenly spaced focus and iris gearing in each lens.

Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
18mm T1.4 18” 114mm 5.8 lbs
25mm T1.4 14” 114mm 4.7 lbs
35mm T1.4 16” 114mm 4.2 lbs
40mm T1.4 18” 114mm 4.8 lbs
50mm T1.4 19” 114mm 4.6 lbs
65mm T1.4 28” 114mm 5 lbs
85mm T1.4 3’3” 114mm 4.6 lbs
105mm T1.4 3’9” 114mm 5.5 lbs
135mm T1.4 4'7" 114mm 6.4 lbs