Leitz Thalias

Thalia group Thalia 100mm horizontal left Thalia 35mm horizontal right

The Thalia primes offer a cinematic look with soft round bokeh and a distinct character and their optical design renders a layered focus roll off which creates a unique added dimension by pulling the subject out of the background. They’re smooth and clear without being overly sharp like many modern cinema lenses. Their large image circle covers formats up to Alexa 65 and anything in between.

*The 90mm Thalia-T lens exists within the Thalia set as a portrait style effects lens. It exhibits more dramatic fall off and a more dream-like dramatic bokeh style to the background wide open. At a T5.8 the lens takes on a higher contrast look.

Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
24mm T3.6 1'4" 95mm 3.13 lbs
30mm T2.9 1'8" 95mm 3.3 lbs
35mm T2.6 1'10" 95mm 3.1 lbs
45mm T2.9 2' 95mm 3.2 lbs
55mm T2.8 2'4" 95mm 3.6 lbs
70mm T2.6 1'8" 95mm 2.3 lbs
*90mm T2.2 3' 95mm 2.3 lbs
100mm T2.2 2'4" 95mm 2.6 lbs
120mm T2.6 22.5" 95mm 3.66 lbs
180mm T3.6 5' 95mm 3.57 lbs