Leitz HUGO Primes

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The Leitz HUGO primes are an officially rehoused variant of the Leica M 0.8 Prime lenses. They feature the same optical characteristics as the M 0.8’s, including excellent image quality with enough imperfections to be aesthetically pleasing. They reproduce skin tones and render highlights beautifully, while exhibiting an attractive amount of edge falloff. The housings are of modern Leitz quality, with uniform focus and iris gears and an LPL mount. The set also includes an additional 50mm focal length Noctilux model with a faster T1 stop for super low light cinematography.

Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
18mm T1.5 9" 95mm 1.04 lbs
21mm T1.5 1' 95mm 1.87 lbs
24mm T1.5 1' 95mm 1.9 lbs
28mm T1.5 1' 2" 95mm 1.8 lbs
35mm T1.5 1' 2" 95mm 1.8 lbs
50mm T1.5 1' 8" 95mm 1.85 lbs
50mm-N T1 1' 8" 95mm 2.55 lbs
75mm T1.5 2' 6" 95mm 3.09 lbs
90mm T1.5 2' 10" 95mm 3.02 lbs