IB/E Raptor Macros

IB/E’s Raptor Macros offer four full frame prime lenses that exhibit superb close focus, 1:1 magnification, and a 50mm image circle designed to cover all modern digital cinema full frame cameras. Each Raptor Macro is designed with special apochromatic lens elements for better chromatic aberration correction and minimal spherical aberration.

Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
60mm T2.9 (T5.3 at Close Focus) 7.48" 95mm 2.54 lbs
100mm T2.9 (T5.3 at Close Focus) 12.3" 95mm 3.3 lbs
150mm T2.9 (T5.3 at Close Focus) 15" 95mm 4.2 lbs
180mm T2.9 (T5.3 at Close Focus) 18.5" 95mm 6.4lbs