Gecko-Cam Genesis G65 ‘66 Primes

The Genesis G65 ‘66 Primes are larger format cousins to the G35 Vintage ‘66 Primes, able to cover sensors as large as the ALEXA 65 sensor. They’re a modern lens featuring state of the art German mechanical design with vintage aesthetics. They render pleasing skin tones, a sharp clean bokeh, and vintage inspired flares while still being optically sharp and flat. All lenses feature uniform gear positioning and robust housing design.
Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
24mm T2.8 17" 95mm 3lbs
32mm T2.3 17" 95mm 3lbs
40mm T2.3 17" 95mm 3lbs
50mm T2.3 2' 7" 95mm 3lbs
60mm T2.3 2' 3" 95mm 3lbs
80mm T2.3 2' 9" 95mm 3lbs
110mm T2.3 3' 10" 95mm 4.5lbs
145mm T2.3 6' 2" 95mm 5.5lbs