Cooke S8/i Primes

Cooke S8 Set 25mm Cooke S8 25mm Cooke S8 2 32mm Cooke S8 40mm Cooke S8 50mm Cooke S8 75mm Cooke S8 100mm Cooke S8 135mm Cooke S8

Cooke’s S8/i primes are faster, lighter, and smaller than previous full frame Cooke lenses. They exhibit Cooke’s pleasing warmth and creative Cooke Look. Each lens features uniform high quality Cooke design and utilizes Cooke’s i/Data for intelligent metadata capture.

*60, 90, and 150mm Macros can be added to the set by request. 

Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
25mm T1.4 1' 10" 104mm 5.45 lbs
32mm T1.4 2' 3" 104mm 5.36 lbs
40mm T1.4 2' 3" 104mm 5.22 lbs
50mm T1.4 2' 3" 104mm 4.76 lbs
75mm T1.4 2' 9" 104mm 5.47 lbs
100mm T1.4 2' 9" 104mm 5.40 lbs
135mm T1.4 4' 104mm 7.14 lbs