Canon Type SK

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Released in the 1960’s, the Type SK are still photography lenses rehoused into matched cinema housings. The lenses are sharp, especially for a vintage lens. They produce a pleasing lower contrast image, with smooth bokeh and beautiful warm flares.

Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
20mm T1.9 8" 114mm 4 lbs
25mm T1.6 9" 110mm 2.95 lbs
28mm T1.9 10" 110mm 2.19 lbs
35mm T1.6 12" 110mm 1.55 lbs
40mm T1.9 14" 110mm 1.57 lbs
45mm T1.7 10" 110mm 1.6 lbs
50mm T1.6 12" 110mm 2.06 lbs
60mm T1.6 1'2" 110mm 2.06 lbs
85mm T1.6 1'8" 110mm 2.82 lbs
100mm T2.1 2'3" 110mm 2.48 lbs