Caldwell Chameleon XC Series Anamorphic Primes

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The Caldwell Chameleon Anamorphic prime lenses offer a retro anamorphic look with modern mechanics. The entire 1.79x squeeze set, 48mm, 60mm, 75mm, 90mm, 112mm, & 150mm will cover full frame sensors and offer the traditional optical aberrations and flare characteristics unique to front anamorphic lenses. The Chameleon Primes employ a Stokes focus system that creates a fairly unique focusing experience compared to many other anamorphic primes. The aesthetic result is the compression of the subject in the vertical plane only. This creates an artistic “attention pull” without creating a “zoom” effect as well. Also, this system helps maintain a constant anamorphic compression across the entire field of view. This more uniform compression helps reduce the “mumps syndrome” that occurs in many other anamorphic lens designs.  The complete set can also be converted to Super 35 coverage for cinematographers hoping to capture more edge aberration and optical character on smaller formats. 

Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
48mm T3 2’7” 114mm 6
60mm T3 2’7” 114mm 6
75mm T3 2’7” 114mm 6
90mm T3 2’7” 114mm 6
112mm T3 2’7” 114mm 6
150mm T3 2’7” 114mm 6