Todd-AO Anamorphic Primes

TODD AO ANAMORPHIC SET 28 35 38 50 55 75 100 200.MMjpg

Originally introduced as part of the Todd-AO film format and camera systems back in the 1950’s, the Todd-AO anamorphics are very unique in their optical properties. They exhibit extreme anamorphic effects and offer milky, low-contrast images with a warm color tone. Their housings have been adapted for modern cinema use with new focus and iris geared pitch rings.

Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
28mm T3.9 15' 121mm 2.2
35mm T1.4 2' 6" 130mm 7.4
38mm T2.3 3' 136mm 4.2
50mm T2.3 3' 110mm 4
55mm T1.2 3' 102mm (adapted to 110mm) 5.6
75mm T2.2 3' 110mm 4.6
100mm T3.0 3' 98mm 5.2
200mm Macro T4.0 1'5.7" 110mm 3.6