Hawk C-Series Anamorphic Primes

Hawk C Series Set

The C-Series are some of the first sets of Hawk lenses produced by Vantage back in the 90’s. They’re compact form factor makes them easier to work with than some anamorphic lenses. They’re softer than more modern anamorphics while still providing enough sharpness to render a scene and render beautiful skin tones. Their anamorphic focus effects and flares are particularly appealing, as they emulate much older anamorphic designs without the flaws inherent in vintage lenses.

Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
30mm T2.2 3' 6" 142mm 9.8
40mm T2.2 3'6" 110mm 4.5
50mm T2.2 3'6" 110mm 4.5
60mm T2.2 3'6" 110mm 4.7
75mm T2.2 3'6" 110mm 5
100mm T3.0 3'6" 110mm 6
135mm T3.0 3' 6" 110mm 12