Cineovision Anamorphic Primes

Cineovision Set Cineovision Side 35mm Cineovision 50mm Cineovision 85mm Cineovision

Dating back to the 1970’s, Cineovision Anamorphics are vintage lenses with more character than many lenses of the era. They render warm pleasing skin tones with unique anamorphic bokeh. They defocus in a painterly manner and produce star-like horizontal anamorphic flares. Cineovisions err on the softer side and feature a sharper center with more fall off on the edges than modern anamorphic lenses.

Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
35mm T1.4 3' 130mm 7.1 lbs
50mm T1.4 3' 95mm 5.5 lbs
85mm T1.4 2' 103mm 6.6 lbs