Caldwell Chameleon SC Series Anamorphic Primes

The Caldwell Chameleon’s offer a retro anamorphic look with modern conveniences. The entire set of 1.79x squeeze anamorphic’s will cover full frame sensors and offer optical and flare characteristics that are inspired by anamorphic’s from the past century. The entire set is also convertible to Super35 coverage for cinematographers hoping to capture more edge aberration and optical character on smaller formats.

Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
32mm 2 2'7" 114mm 6 lbs
40mm 2 2'7" 114mm 6 lbs
50mm 2 2'7" 114mm 6 lbs
60mm 2 2'7" 114mm 6 lbs
75mm 2 2'7" 114mm 6 lbs
100mm 2.6 2'7" 114mm 6 lbs