LOMO Vintage Primes

Similar to the Standard Speed LOMO primes, the Vintage Primes were produced in the 1950’s. The LOMO Vintage Primes image is vintage and smooth, but still sharp where it matters. They’re lower contrast than modern lenses, and produce a beautiful creamy image when flared. These are also faster than the regular Standard Speed LOMO’s, with an average t-stop of T2.1.

Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
22mm T2.9 8" 95mm .8 lbs
28mm T2.1 9" 95mm 1.6 lbs
35mm T2.1 9" 95mm 1.37 lbs
50mm T2.1 1'3" 95mm 1.6 lbs
75mm T2.1 2' 95mm 2.22 lbs
100mm T2.1 2'10" 95mm 3.27 lbs