LOMO Standard Speed Spherical Primes

The Standard Speed LOMO primes were produced in the 1950’s and exhibit unique vintage characteristics. Known for their softer lower contrast image, the LOMO sphericals produce a beautiful dreamy vintage image that is unique among vintage primes from the era. The lenses are mechanically vintage as well, with telescoping focus groups.

Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
18mm T 3 20" 85mm 1.5 lbs
22mm T2.3 20" 85mm 2 lbs
28mm T2.3 20" 85mm 1.5 lbs
35mm T2.3 20" 85mm 1.5 lbs
50mm T2.3 24" 85mm 1.5 lbs
75mm T2.3 39" 85mm 1.5 lbs
100mm 3T 49" 85mm 1.5 lbs
150mm T3.2 79" 85mm 2.5 lbs
200mm T2.9 79" 97mm 4 lbs
300mm T3.5 118" 110mm 7 lbs