ZEISS Ultra Primes (LDS) - Uncoated

ARRI Zeiss Uncoated Ultra Primes

This uncoated version of the ZEISS Ultra Prime lens set offers a lower contrast alternative to the original Ultra Prime. These uncoated versions also feature ARRI’s LDS (Lens Data System) for transmitting lens information to the camera system. Uncoated elements also allow these lenses to flare more easily and increase the characteristics of their flares.


Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
14mm Uncoated T1.9 8.7" 114mm 4
16mm Uncoated T1.9 12" 104mm 3.3
20mm Uncoated T1.9 12" 104mm 3.3
24mm Uncoated T1.9 11.8" 104mm 2.9
28mm Uncoated T1.9 12" 104mm 3.3
32mm Uncoated T1.9 15" 104mm 3.1
40mm Uncoated T1.9 15" 104mm 3.3
50mm Uncoated T1.9 2' 104mm 2.6
65mm Uncoated T1.9 2'3" 104mm 3.1
85mm Uncoated T1.9 3' 104mm 3.9
100mm Uncoated T1.9 3'3" 104mm 3.9
135mm Uncoated T1.9 5' 104mm 4.7