Cooke Mini S4/i Primes - Uncoated

The uncoated Cooke S4/i primes have uncoated front elements that result in increased flaring and higher contrast loss from light sources. These were produced to better emulate older Cooke lenses.

Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
18mm T2.8 10" 110mm 3.8 lbs
25mm T2.8 10" 87mm 3 lbs
40mm T2.8 16" 87mm 3.4 lbs
50mm T2.8 20" 87mm 3.4 lbs
75mm T2.8 2' 6" 87mm 3.2 lbs
100mm T2.8 3' 87mm 3.5 lbs
135mm T2.8 3' 3" 87mm 4 lbs