ZEISS Compact Primes


Introduced by ZEISS to address the growing need for lenses in the DSLR cinema market, the Compact Primes are lightweight, small form factor lenses that do not sacrifice quality for usability. These lenses are not only sharp, clean, and high contrast, but they also allow the use of either PL or EF mount depending on the needs of the production.

Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
18mm T3.6 12" 114mm 1.6
21mm T2.9 10" 114mm 1.8
25mm T2.9 7" 114mm 1.6
28mm T2.1 10" 114mm 1.8
35mm T2.1 12" 114mm 2.2
50mm T2.1 18" 114mm 1.6
85mm T2.1 3' 3" 114mm 1.8
100mm T2.1 2' 6" 114mm 2.8