Leitz Summicron-C Primes

Leitz’ new Summicron-C prime lenses are color matched to the Summilux-C lenses, designed to be used in conjunction with their more expensive big brothers. These new Leica’s are also 30% smaller and 20% lighter than the Summilux-C Primes. Mechanically these lenses are on par with the Summilux-C’s, designed with a premium feel in mind.


Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
15mm T2.0 1' 95mm 3.6
18mm T2.0 1' 95mm 3
21mm T2.0 1' 95mm 2.85
25mm T2.0 1' 95mm 3.4
29mm T2.0 1' 95mm 2.85
35mm T2.0 1'2" 95mm 3
40mm T2.0 1'6" 95mm 3
50mm T2.0 2' 95mm 3.25
75mm T2.0 3' 95mm 2.75
100mm T2.0 3'4" 95mm 2.75
135mm T2.0 5' 95mm 4