Cooke Panchro Classic Primes

CookePanchroClassicSet v2

The Panchro Classics are a modern reimagining of the original Cooke Speed Panchro primes. These new lenses are based on the original lens design schematics and use modern coatings to emulate the look of their vintage predecessors. The Classics feature the same i/ Data system as many other Cooke lenses. These are a true modernization without sacrificing the look of the original Speed Panchros.

Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
18mm T2.2 4.6" 110mm 3.5
25mm T2.2 4.2" 110mm 3.3
32mm T2.2 6.3" 110mm 2.6
40mm T2.2 11" 110mm 3.1
50mm T2.2 1' 3" 110mm 3.3
75mm T2.2 1' 11.3" 110mm 4
100mm T2.6 2' 5.3" 110mm 3.9