Cooke Mini S4/i Primes - Uncoated

A low cost alternative from Cooke, the Mini S4/i’s T2.8 lenses offer similar optical properties as the Cooke S4/i’s, but in a smaller less expensive design. These are color-matched to other Cooke lenses and provide DP’s with a lower barrier to entry from a budgetary perspective without sacrificing the aesthetics that Cooke’s are known for. These lenses also feature the Cooke i/ Data protocol for delivering lens data to the camera system.


Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
21mm T2.8 10" 87mm 3
25mm T2.8 10" 87mm 3
32mm T2.8 12" 87mm 3.2
40mm T2.8 16" 87mm 3.4
50mm T2.8 20" 87mm 3.4
65mm T2.8 2'3" 87mm 3.2
75mm T2.8 2'6" 87mm 3.2
100mm T2.8 3' 87mm 3.5
135mm T2.8 3'3" 87mm 4