Cooke 5/i Primes

The Cooke 5/i lenses were designed to offer superb optical and mechanical performance. Offering up Cooke’s traditional “Cooke Look” at a fast T1.4, the 5/i’s exhibit little breathing and the same robust design and i/ Data lens data system as previous Cooke lenses. The 5/i’s also feature a unique illuminated focus scale, eliminating the need for an external light source when shooting in dark environments.

Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
18mm T1.4 14" 110mm 6.67
25mm T1.4 14" 110mm 6.56
32mm T1.4 14" 110mm 6.21
40mm T1.4 16" 110mm 6.07
50mm T1.4 20" 110mm 7.11
65mm T1.4 2' 110mm 6.68
75mm T1.4 2' 3" 110mm 6.58
100mm T1.4 2' 6" 110mm 6.36
135mm T1.4 2' 9" 136mm 11.6