ARRI Macro Primes

ARRI Macro Set

ARRI has produced a range of Macro Prime lenses for cinema use. Each is capable of extreme close focus with the 50mm and 100mm lenses achieving 1:1 magnification. The unique ARRI design also offers an auto compensating iris function, eliminating stop loss guess work.

Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
16mm T2.1(+2/3 at CF) 6" 80mm 2.5
24mm T2.1 (+2/3 at CF) 7" 80mm 1.8
32mm T2.1 (+2/3 at CF) 9" 80mm 1.6
40mm T2.1 (+2/3 at CF) 10" 80mm 1.6
50mm T3 (T5.6 at CF) 8" 80mm 3
100mm T3 (T5.6 at CF) 1' 2" 80mm 3.5
200mm T4.3 (T8.0 at CF) 1' 11" 80mm 4